Integrated Management System

To maintain transparency and efficiency across the business, Monford employs integrated management systems across all its departments. This includes its internal processes for its health, safety, environment, quality and training (HSEQT) systems and policies, accounting, human resources, data management, and technology solutions. Monford has partnered with Viewpoint Construction Software, using its integrated solutions specifically designed for the construction industry to streamline business processes. In particularly, it uses Vista™ Viewpoint, Viewpoint For Projects™, and Field View.

This not only streamlines internal processes, but helps Monford minimise the paper trail and access, manage, share, track and report on its data as needed. Monford also uses telematics to capture real-time data for all our plant and equipment.

Monford lives and breathes its health, safety, environment, quality and training (HSEQT) policies by employing a rigorous integrated management system. To ensure HSEQT objectives are exceeded across all our projects, we embed numerous strategies in everything we do, including inductions, training and education, coupled with our consultative approach with clients, subcontractors and employees.

In implementing these processes, we strive to eliminate hazards through risk identification, assessment, control and monitoring. We also understand the importance of environmental management, particularly in the resources sector.

As our people are our greatest asset, we take the health and safety of our employees very seriously. We employ highly qualified HSEQT advisors and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure all our HSEQT objectives are exceeded.

Monford’s integrated management system is accredited to the following international standards: