Building Construction

Building Construction

Committed to continuous improvement, Monford employs integrated, streamlined manufacturing processes and techniques to help our clients successfully and efficiently deliver their projects.

As technological advances continue to revolutionise the construction industry, it is integral to our business that we stay on top of industry trends and employ the latest innovations available.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Design for Manufacturing Assembly (DFMA) are two such advances that Monford employs to ensure our clients’ projects are delivered efficiently and fluidly.

They enable streamlined integration of pre-assembled and modular components throughout the pre-construction, delivery and operational phases.

Using BIM and DFMA provides time and cost benefits throughout a project’s lifetime – from pre-award, right through to design, construction and commissioning.

Our experience and ability to deliver substructure and superstructure packages, completed to the highest standards of quality and safety, within budget and on time, are the key reasons Monford is the concrete frame contractor of choice.