We’ve rebranded!

We’ve rebranded!

Over the last few months, we’ve undertaken a brand refresh and can now give you a sneak preview of our “brand new brand”!

Our core values and brand ethos have not changed. We are still Monford and still committed to delivering quality, innovative, integrated civil, building and asset management services. We still want to work with you to safely and efficiently deliver fantastic projects and be respected by the communities in which we work.

But, we wanted to spend some time formulating our values and what our brand means to us, and to you.

Here’s our story and what our new brand means to us.

Our Six Foundations – “from the ground up”

  • Credibility – We are strong, bold and thorough. Led by our hands-on managing director, who has worked “on the tools”, and routinely visits site and oversees our work, all people have worked “from the ground up”. Many of our core team has been there since the company’s inception. Our loyalty and drive stems from our robust internal relationships, and our understanding and respecting of Monford’s well-articulated standards and expectations.
  • Efficiency – Our lean structure and streamlined mobilisation processes leads to efficiency. We get people and equipment to projects quickly. We have rigorous, streamlined processes to enable this – but we are flexible and do not over-regulate or over-systemise.
  • Delivery – We have a proactive approach and attitude towards health, safety, environment and quality. Our integrated HSEQ management system is paramount to do what we do. It ensures health, safety and environmental objectives are exceeded across all projects, and we have rigorous strategies, training and education to support this. Beyond the generic health, safety, environmentally and quality promises, we genuinely deliver high-quality services, on time, within budget, safely and sustainably.
  • Integrity – We don’t compromise on integrity and are accountable for all we do. We are accredited and regularly audited. Our clean record demonstrates that we are “good people providing good service”. We are honest and consultative – we communicate openly with our clients, staff and stakeholders.
  • Respectful – We know our work disrupts communities and the environment in which we work, so we always strive to give back. Corporate social responsibility is a huge part of our ethos. Our Monford Foundation finances projects that create positive outcomes for indigenous Australians and supports the local communities. It also supports our emphasis on environmental management strategies which focus on protecting and restoring our natural surroundings.
  • Ready – We are eager, hardworking, proactive and optimistic, and ready to take on whatever challenges come our way. What others might call problems or issues, we see as challenges and opportunities to provide a solution. We are creative, innovative and think outside the box to solve problems. We are approachable, easygoing and easy to work with. We embody a culture of enjoyment and we get the job done.