Monford appointed earthworks contractor for Roe Highway duplication

Monford appointed earthworks contractor for Roe Highway duplication

McConnell Dowell engaged Monford as the earthworks contractor for the $2.5 million Roe Highway duplication project.

Monford’s scope of work will includes:

  • Bulk earthworks, including 68,000m3 of embankment construction
  • 42,000m3 of MSE structural backfill
  • 2300m of general stormwater drainage, including associated structures and rock protections
  • 28,000m3 of pavement construction using granular sub-base

This project follows on from the Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project, which aims to improve the safety and efficiency of one of the state’s most important transport hubs, where road, rail and air services connect.

As a junction where two major roads converge, the Tonkin Highway / Roe Highway intersection can become extremely congested, particularly during peak periods.

Traffic currently has to wait at traffic signals to travel in all directions, causing delays and a build up of traffic in the area.

The Tonkin Highway / Roe Highway intersection will be upgraded to a partial freeflow interchange that allows traffic to travel uninterrupted from Tonkin Highway southbound to Roe Highway westbound.

The design caters for a future upgrade to a full freeway-to-freeway style interchange with movements in all directions to support future growth and development.

The project will deliver several upgraded and improved facilities, designed to enhance the local area both in function and aesthetics. The Tonkin Highway / Roe Highway interchange area will incorporate shared pedestrian and cycle path underpasses and almost two kilometres of noise / screen walls.

The project will include 21 kilometres of shared path next to the new road alignment along Tonkin and Leach Highways, the extension of Leach Highway into Perth Airport (Airport Drive), and Roe Highway.