Power Station Utilities Building, Cape Lambert, Western Australia

Power Station Utilities Building, Cape Lambert, Western Australia
  • Client: Pindan
  • Contract: value $1.5m

Project description

Monford provided construction services for the power station utilities building at Cape Lambert Port. As the works were integral to the overall construction of the power station, Monford planned and managed work to ensure it met the strict timeframe.

Scope of work

  • Detailed earthworks of pad and compaction
  • Detailed earthworks, including trenching, backfilling, grading and compacting, and formation of building pads and foundations
  • Supply and install blinding concrete (35m2 )
  • Supply and install reinforcement (55t)
  • Form all blockouts to ground slabs
  • Supply and install expansion joints, sawn joints, construction joints and control joints
  • Install and place cast-in items associated with concrete structures, such as holding-down bolts, shelf angles to cable entry pits, floor boxes, plate collars
  • Supply and install two layers of 0.2mm waterproof membrane to all slabs on ground, including store slabs, apron slabs, external slabs, air conditioners, washdown bay, genset slab and pathways
  • Install reticulation sleeves below pathways
  • Form and pour all concrete structures, eg upstands, plinths, ramps, bunds, footings, recessed floors, slabs (450m3 )
  • Supply and install 15 bollards
  • Supply and install all sundry items, including applications, form oil, curing compound, sealants, mastics and other materials necessary to complete tie works