Roy Hill Rail NPI, Pilbara Region, Western Australia

Roy Hill Rail NPI, Pilbara Region, Western Australia
  • Client: Decmil
  • Contract: value $10.5m

Project description

Roy Hill, Australia’s biggest mining construction project, includes a mine, a 344-kilometre railway to Port Hedland, and port facilities to export the iron ore at Port Hedland Harbour.

Monford completed the civil earthworks and concrete works package on the rail terminal buildings:

  • Rolling stock workshop
  • Wheel Lathe Building
  • Loco Wash down
  • Warehouse
  • Laydown areas
  • Administration Buildings

Scope of work

  • Detailed earthworks including site preparation and excavations
  • Concrete works including slabs, footings, foundations, foot paths and sumps
  • Install water, power and wastewater services
  • Detailed cut and fill grading of the bulk earthworks layer including proof-rolling the subgrade
  • Detailed earthworks for footings and sumps including backfill and compaction (4,841m3 )
  • Detailed earthworks, bedding fill and shoring to all footings
  • Fill and compaction of sub-base to the underside of building aprons
  • Supply and install wheel stops for vehicles and associated waiting slip lanes
  • Detailed earthworks for modular building pads and landscaped areas
  • Install waterproof membranes to the underside of all concrete slabs (9,067m2 )
  • Assembly and install all sundries and reinforcement (205t)
  • Supply and install all formwork (7,500m2 )
  • Supply, place and finish concrete including concrete mix design submissions and testing of concrete (4,900m3 )
  • Setup and place blinding (53m3 )
  • Assemble and install footings
  • Install cast-in items including hold down bolts, ventilation grates, bollards and angles
  • Install footpaths (760lm) including ramps and stairs
  • Install dowel joints, control joints, key joints and saw cuts
  • Install rail track slabs and retaining walls including thickenings, construction and expansion joints
  • Install wash-down slab, pits and retaining walls
  • Install 12 precast stairs