Sino Iron Mine, Western Australia

Sino Iron Mine, Western Australia
  • Client: Murphy Pipe and Civil
  • Contract: value $3m

Project description

Located at Cape Preston, the Sino Iron project is one of China’s biggest infrastructure investments in Australia. Owned by CITIC Pacific, the project includes a magnetite mine and process plant, a 450-megawatt power station, 51 gigalitre desolation plant and large-scale port facility. Monford undertook earthworks and concrete works for the scope of work listed.

Scope of work

  • Install a 8.5km, 1000mm flanged pipeline (tailings)
  • Install a 9km, 750mm flanged pipeline (return)
  • Construct two containment ponds
  • Install two 8.1km fibre optic cables
  • Install a pressure monitoring station
  • Install a 30km, 1200mm butt-welded pipeline (desalinated water)
  • Install a 30km, 800mm butt-welded pipeline (slurry line)
  • Install a 30km, 750mm butt-welded pipeline (return line)
  • Install two 30km fibre optic cables