Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wickham, Western Australia

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Wickham, Western Australia
  • Client: Osmoflo
  • Contract: value $4m

Project description

As part of Rio Tinto’s contract for the design, construction and commissioning of a tertiary wastewater treatment plant for Wickham in northern Western Australia, the old plant had to be upgraded.

Monford completed the earthworks and concrete works as part of the construction of several structures, including the building slab, chemical unloading building, chlorine building, feed pumps slab, treated water pumps slab, treated water storage tanks apron and wastewater return sump.

As some of the works were undertaken near a live overhead powerline structure and others near open sewage ponds, Monford implemented strict safety and hygiene controls, including vaccinations.

Scope of work

  • Site clearance to 500m and stockpiling on site (2,400m3 )
  • Detailed earthworks for footings and sumps including backfill and compaction (2628m3 )
  • Removal of redundant items, eg pits, pipework, toilet block, pressure main
  • Removal and disposal of unsuitable material
  • Embankment construction using imported material (1400m3 )
  • Revegetation and landscaping works
  • Install swail and gravity drainage systems
  • Install six headwalls to box culverts
  • Install underground service piping (183m)
  • Install rock protection to headwalls (8m2 ) and V drains (1250m2 )
  • Construct a concrete retaining wall (5m) and install safety fencing
  • Supply and install silt fencing (100m)
  • Install 250mm crushed granite basecourse for internal road (2685m2 )
  • Removal of asbestos containing pipework
  • Install formwork, reinforcement and concrete for footings, floor slabs, bund walls, octagonal plinths, sumps, apron and pavement slabs