Wheatstone LNG Plant, Onslow, Western Australia

Wheatstone LNG Plant, Onslow, Western Australia
  • Client: John Holland
  • Contract value: $40m

Project description

As part of a design and construct contract for the design, construction, commissioning and completion of Wheatstone Construction Village and permanent buildings, Monford completed detailed earthworks and concrete works for its buildings and utilities. The project involved the design and construction of a 3,800-person, temporary accommodation village with accommodation units, kitchen and dining facilities, laundries, other utility buildings, including medical centre and operations centre, and recreation facilities, including beer garden and tavern, swimming pools and gymnasiums.

Scope of work

  • Detailed earthworks, including foundation preparation and trenching
  • Camp road construction, including drainage, bituminous surfacing and stonepitching
  • Excavation and installation of culverts
  • Extensive paving throughout the site
  • Concrete footings, slabs and foundations for all prefabricated and modular buildings
  • Services installation for power, water, sewer and telecommunications
  • Installation of modular buildings, including accommodation and other camp facilities
  • Installation of miscellaneous furniture and signage for social and recreational facilities
  • Supplier management and logistics to this remote site
  • Traffic management within the site and at interfaces with other contractors
  •  Implementation of Monford’s Project Management and third party certified Safety, Environmental and Quality Management systems

Construction Village

  • 3800 accommodation rooms
  • Over 20km of trenching excavated for in-ground services
  • Over 30km of footpaths and verandahs poured
  • 10,000m2 of slabs poured for various in-situ buildings
  • Approx 1 million m3 of soil moved

Permanent Buildings

  • 10 in-situ buildings
  • 8,000m2 of slabs poured for various in-situ buildings