Project Description


Yuri Phase 0 Green Hydrogen Project – WA

Project description

Project Yuri, a collaboration between Yara Clean Ammonia and ENGIE is leading the way in developing one of the world’s first industrial scale renewable hydrogen projects located on Burrup Peninsula, approximately 11 km northwest of Karratha in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. The project involves the construction and operation of a Renewable Hydrogen Plant and associated infrastructure, including a dedicated 18 MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) farm, 10 MWe hydrogen electrolyser, an 8MW/8MWH lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and balance of plant and supporting infrastructure. Once commissioned, the project will be capable of producing up to 640 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year, leveraging on the abundant renewable resources in Western Australia and will be amongst the largest renewable energy powered electrolysis plant in the world.

Scope of work 

As an EPCC contractor for the Yuri Green Hydrogen Project, Monford Group delivered all civil, mechanical and electrical works including:
• Detailed topographical and geotechnical survey
• Design services encompassing civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, control and energy management systems engineering including delivery of project documentation
• Site preparation and establishment
• Access roads, plant roads and yards including repair and remediation of existing after construction completion
• Earthworks , site finishing works and drainage systems
• Civil and piling works required for PV module mounting structures, BESS and underground services including electrical and instrument installations
• Construction of PV module mounting structures and PV module placement including electrical connection
• Concrete works including foundations, structures, basins, bridges, walls, pits, sleepers, drainage ditches and culverts
• Construction of the Hydrogen Plant and associated infrastructure, installation and commissioning of the BESS system
• Installation and testing of reticulated piping services and tie-in to the existing live Yara Ammonia Facility
• PV Plant testing and commissioning
• As built documentation and certification

Project Details