Press Release: Merredin Solar Farm

Western Australia’s largest solar farm, the 132 MWdc Merredin Solar Farm is connected to the grid, generating 100% capacity into the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Merredin Solar Farm has an expected output of 274GWh of electricity annually, generating enough green energy to power approximately 42,000 Western Australian homes.

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The Solar Farm is located on 460ha of former farming and grazing country adjacent to the Western Power Merredin Terminal and will connect to this facility at 220kV.

Monford worked closely with the network service provider (Western Power) and AEMO on behalf of Risen through the staged live commissioning process and the solar farm is now exporting 100% capacity output, compatible with Western Power’s grid requirements.

It has been a pleasure to work with Western Power and their smooth coordination with AEMO has enabled us to reach this milestone of achieving a fully operational solar facility which will supply green power.
– Eric Lee, General Manager of Risen Energy (Australia).

Fastest build of a large-scale solar facility

And the importance of good stakeholder relations

Merredin Solar Farm is one of the fastest builds of a large-scale solar farm seen yet.

Due to the close collaboration between Monford Group and Risen, electrical, mechanical and civil completion of the Merredin Solar Farm was achieved in just 3 months.

Risen and Monford’s capacity to resource the project meant that they had all materials and resources on site at one given time, allowing it to be put together quickly and without delay.

Ciaran Shannon, General Manager of Monford acknowledged the good working relations between both companies and added that Monford “welcomes the opportunity to deliver further landmark renewable energy projects and support Risen’s commendable goal to deliver 2GW of clean energy to Australia”.

About Merredin Solar Farm

As principal contractor for the Merredin Solar Farm project, Monford Group alongside Risen’s EPC team, progressed the project from detailed engineering design, through construction, commissioning and operation.

The 132 MWdc solar farm consists of 354,452 Risen Energy panels mounted on a single axis tracking system and generates and delivers clean, renewable electricity into the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) making a major contribution to Western Australia’s greenhouse gas reductions.

Merredin Solar Farm will require 2 full time workers to operate and maintain the installation.
The facility will have an operating life of 30 years, with the option for an extension. At the end of the facility’s useful operating life, all above ground infrastructure will be removed, and the land returned to its former agricultural use.

About Monford Group

Monford is a leader in the construction industry, with an Australia-wide portfolio of projects in the Infrastructure, Resources and Energy sectors.

Headquartered in WA and with ten years of experience in the industry, Monford consistently delivers projects on time, within budget, safely and sustainably whilst maintaining a commitment to excellence in delivery and a customer-centric focus.

Built “from the ground up” and led by hands-on management, Monford’s success stems from its experience, integrity and flair for innovation, always with an emphasis on safety and quality.

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Merredin Solar Farm (WA) Timelapse

3 month construction | Producing 274GWh every year