At Monford Group, our unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, security, and efficiency drives us to constantly push the boundaries of innovation within the construction industry. A major aspect of ensuring high safety standards on our project sites is the strict check-in procedure for all personnel before entering site. As we embarked on a recent Solar and Battery project, our focus was not only on site access but also on implementing an integrated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) check within our check-in procedure to enhance workplace safety.

The need for strict entry measures on construction sites is paramount to swiftly identify individuals during emergency evacuations and prevent unauthorised public access. We were determined to cut down on manpower and administration hours while empowering subcontractors and staff to self-check-in and conduct their BAC tests in an integrated and automated process. This transformational approach aimed to reduce long queues, increase site productivity, and ease the administrative workload of our WHSE Advisors.

Despite facing challenges with limited site infrastructure on our Solar and Battery Project, Monford Group’s dedication to innovation led us to devise a unique solution. We procured a 40-foot sea container and integrated Nirovision’s Doorkeeper solution, which we were already using in other locations, with three bi-directional rotating access gates and an integrated BAC unit on the entry side. To enter the site, it requires a positive facial recognition and a negative BAC, while exiting the site only requires a positive facial recognition. This custom container became the cornerstone of our site access control strategy, seamlessly incorporating Nirovision’s state-of-the-art AI facial recognition technology. What is even better, is that this BAC set up allows us to use eco-friendly, biodegradable paper straws, negating the use of harmful and wasteful plastic straws used traditionally in handheld BAC checkers, which also aligns with Monford’s strategic sustainability goals.

“Ensuring the safety of our staff and sites is of paramount importance to Monford. Nirovision has ensured that only authorised individuals are granted access to the site, improving Monford’s safety procedures and site security.”

– Brian Rafferty, Chief Technology and Innovations Officer

Brian Rafferty, Chief Technology and Innovations Officer, Monford Group

The successful integration of the check-in container on our Solar and Battery Project has elevated safety and security measures on-site, creating a safer working environment for all. Recognising the immense value of this solution, we have since implemented similar setups in our other active projects. Beyond its immediate benefits, the data captured by Nirovision has proven to be a powerful asset. Integrated into various systems, including payroll for timecards and safety systems for reporting, this valuable information allows us to analyse personnel movement trends, track productivity levels, and make data-driven decisions to optimise workflows across multiple construction sites. This level of intelligence empowers us to allocate resources effectively, streamline operations, and deliver projects with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

“The container setup which includes an alcohol test, is completely automated allowing workers to check-in by themselves which saves us time and helps reduce costs.”

– Brian Rafferty, Chief Technology and Innovations Officer

Brian Rafferty, Monford Group

Monford Group takes immense pride in our pioneering approach to site access control, setting new standards for safety and security within our industry. We invite you to explore our experience with the Nirovision check-in container and its transformative impact in the full article here and witness firsthand how our commitment to innovation continues to redefine excellence in construction project management.